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What really happened to the Titanic?

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The terrible and sinister truth about the fate of the RMS Titanic. Will you ever trust anyone again after reading this?


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Merry Christmas to all our reader!


A spiffing read

Un-Tall Tales is a collection of short fiction by Chris Page — available in paperback only. Click the image to get your copy from Amazon, or click here to go to the Un-Tall site.

Weed by Chris Page

Weed is a novel by Chris Page, available in both paperback and ebook, including Kindle. Click the green face to find out more, or click the Amazon link below to get your Kindle Weed.

Read Weed! Click here for an online sample Weed read.

Official Weed site:

Weed in Kindle


Shorts in Kindle

Shorts by Chris Page

Shorts is a collection of short fiction by Chris Page. Shorts is only available in Kindle. Click the Amazon link above to get your copy.

You can find out more about Shorts at the Un-Tall Tales site.

Chris Page author site,

According to Google's Zeitgeist service, the top 15 ascending search terms to now, 2013, are

• Nobel prize for literature and Chris Page
• praise for Weed the novel by Chris Page
• Shorts
• more weed
• the coolest novel ever (Weed)
• Chris Page's Shorts
• even more Weed
• is there a better novel than Weed?
• a great collection of short stories called Un-Tall Tales by the author of Weed
• The Freebie by Chris Page
• Cats Die by Chris Page
• we demand Weed
• and we demand Shorts too
• the funniest novel ever
• the funniest collection of short fiction ever
• buckets of Weed

(OK, I made up the last one) I don't know what these things are, but if I mention them here — and add the word NUDE — visitors will come flocking to this site, I will be able to sell lots of advertising and retire early next week.

Don't you just love the internet!



If you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear.Edward Snowden's revelations about blanket spying by the USA and UK on their own citizens and the citizens of the world have been met by the apologists of snooping with the mantra: If you are innocent you have nothing to fear. But is that true? Read on.

October 13, 2013

Brain food
Here's Japan's scariest, most horrifying and silliest zombie movie.

Watch and pee yourself.

Zombie Time was created by Guy Page for an art college application. I expect the college will have hired Mila Jovovitch to keep him away.

Anyway. Vid:


September 8, 2013

Silly season
Today, the Psipook team was taken by a sudden urge to find out what the current popular search terms on Google were, so all 12,000 of us logged on to Google Trends.

image loading
A bearded Jeremy Paxman worries about someone's cat.

The first term that came up was "Jeremy Paxman beard".

This was the wee small hours of the morning UK time, which gave us the impression that the population of Britain was laying awake worrying that Jeremy Paxman might have grown facial hair.

The search term following that was "Erwin Schrödinger" which gave the impression that the portion of the British population not worrying about Mr. Paxman's beard was anxious for the wellbeing of Mr Schrödinger's cat. Is that moggy alive or dead? We really must know.

Well, you can trying Googling it.

August 14, 2013

Official notice
Smile!The NSA would like to remind you to smile when they are spying on you through your webcam.

Indiscriminate surveillance is a pretty thankless task and it would help the spooks get through the day if the people they were watching showed a little enthusiasm.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Those Weed sites in full
image loadingPsipook isn't the only site in this universe, (No, really!) There are several associated sites and in lieu of any meaningful content on this site, here are some links.

The site dedicated to all things Weedy is

And the site that isn't a little bit tall is

You'll fine all things authory and writingy here

Oh, and don't forget to check out our new services, linked in the last post, which is below this. Look down now:

Yes, we'll service you — free! Click here.

Out quite a while ago
In the last post on this site, about 1847, I claimed that Chris Page's collection of short fiction, Shorts, was being re-published in paperback under another title. And so it came to pass, not that readers (hi!) would have known by reading this site because I completely forgot to mention it.

Anyway, Shorts has been re-published with extra stories and stuff under the title Un-Tall Tales — oh, look! There's an advertisement thing for the book just to the right of this text. Yaroo.

Find out more about Un-Tall Tales here, or just zoom straight to Amazon to secure your own copy.

October, 2012

Bugger off!
September, 2012

Coming soon
I am putting up a pair of sites dedicated to my publications: one to Weed and one to Shorts. Shorts, meanwhile, is being renamed for the paperback edition. More news here when that is sorted.

Paperback weeder

Weed the novel is now out in paperback. What's Weed? Check here to get filled in. Already one of the Weedy cognoscenti? You can see where to get a copy of either the paperback or the e-book here.

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