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Read or don't

It ain't just for smoking you know ...

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King of the Undies World

The Underpants Tree

Hello, Mr Bezos
My own little exposé on why I am not living the large life on a yacht in Monaco.

Psipook - just buy my books you bastards
I'm trying this new, intuitive approach to marketing my books. What do you think?

read this | Chris Page
Chris page was interviewed by his very own sock puppet and managed to get through the whole conversation without once mentioning darning.

the new underpants | Chris Page

The Underpants Tree is the second volume of The Underpants of Fire trilogy, the first volume being King of the Undies World. The Underpants Tree was published in July 2015.

You can't keep a good pair of undies down! | Chris Page

The latest Twitter ad for — you guessed it — Underpants of Fire.

Now! Now! Now! | Chris Page

What? The Underpants Tree is out already? It seems like King of the Undies World, first volume of the Underpants of Fire trilogy only just came out. Is this man productive or does he just drink a lot of red wine?

pigs - two different kinds, and neither of them Pink Floyd

Just because it seems silly not to.

Read Weed!
Weed: Chris Page's first novel

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Weed Kindle

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Un-Tall Tales

Un-Tall Tales: collected short fiction, flash fiction, poetry and references to sausages by Chris Page

Un-Tall Tales paperback Europe

Un-Tall Tales paperback North America

Un-Tall Tales paperback on Amazon Japan

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